Riffeater #7 w/ Jucifer, Asheraah, TSO

Kdaj: sreda, 6. februar 2019 21:00
Kje: Orto bar

Riffeater #7 w/ Jucifer + Asheraah + TSO

Jucifer, founded in 1993, are pioneers of the metal two piece. Their onstage sound, often loosely categorized as sludge, careens venomously through every extreme and tempo of metal and punk, with particular attention to black metal, old school death metal, and grind. Jucifer is notorious for the relentlessness of their live performances, their use of massive amplification, and the fact that the band has been nomadic for 18 of its 25 years in existence. They’ve stated that this homeless life was undertaken to facilitate playing “as many shows as we possibly can”. Jucifer’s endless tour usually covers 20 or more countries each year. Unlike heavy duos which use loops, backing tracks, guest musicians, or triggers to fill out their live sound, Jucifer relies on compositions designed to decimate with only real-time drums and distorted guitar. And for sonic reinforcement, a wall of speakers that typically rises 10 feet high and sprawls 15 feet wide. Jucifer’s use of many different amps and cabinets to create a full-spectrum, full-body sound experience predates the 00’s ‘amp wall’ trend. As well as being originators of using stadium-appropriate amplification in clubs, Jucifer’s rationale for their gear differs from later bands’ approach. Although Jucifer is renowned as one of the loudest bands in the world, both members have stated that volume is not their primary reason behind owning so much equipment, but rather a byproduct of their desire to be immersed in sound and of Valentine’s method to create her ideal tone. Guitarist Gazelle Amber Valentine has stated in interviews that she never turns her amps up all the way and that playing guitar through such a dynamic array of gear is “like building sound sculptures in the air”.
24 years of annihilating ears and insides. Genre = Obliterate. Sludge, black, grind, thrash, death, crust, doom, combine. Notoriously nomadic, live in their tourbus. \m/ ALWAYS ON TOUR \m/

Asheraah is a post metal/sludge band from Rijeka, Croatia, focused on creating an audio-visual synergy by performing instrumental music enhanced by video projections. Existing since 2009, the current line-up consists of Dubravko (guitar, rhythm machine, samples), Mario (guitar) and Mirko (visuals).

In a time of mindless violence and ecological disasters, our music is aimed right at the heart of our listeners with a message challenging the reality of what we have to face today. One of our music’s core foundations is to incorporate heavy riffs and odd time signatures, but still keeping memorable melodies. We like to challenge the restriction of imposed structure and form in music, experimenting with a more progressive approach in songs on the forthcoming album.

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