Messa, Assumption, Mist

Kdaj: sobota, 2. februar 2019 20:00
Kje: Center mladih Koper

Nemesis Booking Koper, Slovenia presents :

MESSA ( scarlet DOOM – Cittadella, Italy)
Messa is an italian 4-piece band born in 2014. Obscure, evoking doomy tracks with deliciously haunting female vocals, influenced by Pentagram, Bellwitch, Windhand,Jex Thoth, Sabbath Assembly, Bathory, La piramide di sangue.
They deliver a heavy sound, occult-reminding, very experimental, also with ambient episodes, that will drive you through a scarlet velvet trip.

Assumption (Doom/death metal -Palermo,Italy)
Assumption were created in Palermo, Italy, 2011 by Giorgio and David of Haemophagus and formerly of Undead Creep, Morbo ecc. to worship the altar doom death metal.
Assumption are about to unleash their first full-length album “Absconditus” through Everlasting Spew Records (cd, vinyl) and Sentient Ruin Laboratories (tape, vinyl)
“Absconditus” stands as the sonic of proof of Assumption’s psychedelic approach to doom death metal, where visionary, Floyd-esque sections are combined with extremely heavy, downtempo riffs in the vein of pioneers like diSEMBOWELMENT, Winter, Sorrow, Evoken or early Paradise Lost.

Mist ( Doom metal- Ljubljana,Slovenia)
Mist is a doom metal band from Slovenia, formed in July 2012. Their music is natural, raw and the riffs reflect the themes of their lyrics – nature, spells, death – which are more often than not deeply inspired by the occult. Mist’s traditional doom sound builds on the legacy of legendary bands like Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Candlemass, Coven, Saint Vitus and others.

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