Privid™: Orden Ogan – F.E.V.E.R

Orden Ogan

F.E.V.E.R je svež video nemške zasedbe Orden Ogan, s katerim napovedujejo svoj novi album Ravenhead (16. januar, AFM Records).

Pevec Sebastian Levermann o samem videu: “We once again joined forces with director Rainer ‘Zipp’ Fränzen and his team. We know each other since collaborating for our ‘The Things We Believe In’ video in 2012. ‘F.E.V.E.R.’ became an even bigger project for us, as the filming itself was more extensive and challenging. Once again we are very happy with the result, as the ‘F.E.V.E.R.’ clip perfectly matches the song’s atmosphere.

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