Prisluh™: Trivium – Brave This Storm


Brave This Storm je svež komad Američanov  Trivium, ki se bo nahajal na novem albumu Vengeance Falls (izid oktober 2013, Roadrunner Records). Prisluhnete mu lahko spodaj, ali pa si ga brezplačno potegnete na svoj računalnik. Producent na albumu je David Draiman (Disturbed).

Basist Paolo o novem albumu: “Definitely in the past, we kind of approached it like … we definitely had some records that were a bit of a 180 from the previous one, but now we’ve really learned what works within our band and it’s really about improving those things, bettering them each time we go into it. I think once you find what your identity is, you just want to keep improving and building upon that, and adding new elements in but also retaining what makes your band unique among the thousands and thousands of bands that are out there. So I think with this record, it wasn’t a total clean slate, it was really just tightening everything up and bringing everything that makes us Trivium together even more and writing the best material and having an album that, start to finish, never really lets up.”

V živo jih boste ujeli tudi na češkem festivalu Brutal Assault, 10. avgusta.

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