Prisluh™: Body/Head – Actress


Duo Body/Head (Kim Gordon, Bill Nace) predstavlja prvo pesem  Actress iz prihajajočega albuma Coming Apart. Album prihaja na police 10. septembra.

Gordon o novem albumu: “Basically we just played a lot together and then went through and edited things, picked the pieces we wanted to use for the record, and then went back and did some overdubs. Actually, there’s very little editing on the final recordings … For the most part it was all improvised … it’s kind of intense to listen to in one setting. It’s not happy music, you know?


Seznam pesmi:

1. “Abstract”
2. “Murderess”
3. “Last Mistress”
4. “Actress”
5. “Everything Left”
6. “Can’t Help You”
7. “Aint”
8. “Black”
9. “Frontal”

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