Prisluh™: The Black Dahlia Murder – Into the Everblack

The Black Dahlia Murder, death metalcore zasedba, bo junija izdala nov album imenovan Everblack, na katerem že bosta nov basist in bobnar (prejšnja člana sta lani  zapustila bend).

V eter so spustili prvi komad Into the Everblack, za katero frontman Strnad pravi, da je namenjena njihovim fenom: “The opening track is the first actual song we’ve done about the Black Dahlia. This one is for the fans… they’ve been asking for this to happen for a long time. The story takes place at the Elizabeth Short’s rain drenched funeral, where her killer in attendance… just one of the many macabre tales woven into the fabric of ‘Everblack’. Subterranean flesh-farming vampires, vine rape, Jeffery Dahmer, amputation… it’s all here! With this sixth slab of sickness I tried my best to honor the band’s legacy and write lyrics that will keep the legions of horror fiends perspiring with fear.

Seznam komadov:

1. In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me
2. Goat Of Departure
3. Into The Everblack
4. Raped In Hatred By Vines Of Thorn
5. Phantom Limb Masturbation
6. Control
7. Blood Mine
8. Every Rope a Noose
9. Their Beloved Absentee
10. Map Of Scars

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