Isis/Deftones projekt Palms junija z novim albumom


Ko so skupaj stopili Chino Moreno, pevec zasedbe Deftones in bivši člani Isis – Clifford Meyer, Aaron Harris in Jeff Caxide v skupnem projektu Palms, se je upalo na nekaj velikega. Tako so ravno javili, da 24. junija pri založbi Ipecac Recordings, ki je v lasti Mikea Pattona, izide njihov prvenec.

Clifford, Jeff and I started Palms a little over a year ago out of a desire to continue making music together after Isis ended. Chino joined shortly after and our sound took shape from there. We’ve worked really hard on this first release and are excited for people to hear it. It’s nice to be back behind the drum kit, and with this lineup.” je izjavil Aaron.

Being a huge Isis fan, I’ve always dug the moods these dudes convey with their sound. I am excited to combine my sense of creativity with theirs and to have fun doing so.” je dejal Chino.

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