Prisluh™: Napalm Death – Quarantined

Napalm Death - Utilitarian

V koncertnem posnetku pod novico lahko prisluhnete skladbi Quarantined, ki bo izšla na novi plošči Napalm Death. Album Utilitarian bo na voljo 27. februarja, je pa skupinin 14. po vrsti. O konceptu plošče je pevec Mark “Barney” Greenway povedal: “After some deliberation, we have decided on Utilitarian as the album title. We generally try to avoid generic titles, and this seemed to have a lot of scope to it. I won’t explain the full meaning of utilitarianism here because it’s an ethical theory, and as ethical theories go, the depth and debate around it is quite heavy at times. It has a certain ‘morality’ aspect to it and that isn’t something that drives me, so I also certainly have issues with it.”

Naslovnica albuma je ob novici.

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